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21 Mayıs 2022

I like there options.

Favori oyun modu: ‘Practice’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘..none’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘No darn commercial’s’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes . I shows me how wrong I can be .’


21 Mayıs 2022

As a beginner bridge player I am really enjoying the deals, the bids, the hints and the assessment of your game vs others. Just added a few friends so I look forward to playing with and against them.

Favori oyun modu: ‘I am new to the app so I have not journeyed into many of the modes.’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘In regards to conventions, I enjoy the rubber version. I enjoy being alerted to staymen, cubid and transfers.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To improve my bridge skills.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes because you can see how others bid and replay hands to assess strength and weaknesses.’


20 Mayıs 2022

Very helpful


20 Mayıs 2022

Its only just ok

Favori oyun modu: ‘Competition’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Basic’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘The only decent game online’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘No. It makes me poorer. Some of the bidding is quite ridiculous. I have given feedback on this several times.’


17 Mayıs 2022

The standard is very high which is not necessarily a good thing for a beginner/intermediate

Favori oyun modu: ‘Series tournaments’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘I don't understand the question’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘It's the first one I picked and was recommended to me by others’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Hopefully but it's not obvious’


17 Mayıs 2022

I play bridge and wish it would give more instruction per game such as what did others lead, what should I have bid, how do you make the bid.....

Favori oyun modu: ‘Tournaments’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Staymen - helps to get to correct contract.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Relearning after years of not playing’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Helps me think more. Improved bidding and play of hand..’


16 Mayıs 2022

I just wish it was less costly.

Favori oyun modu: ‘I play alone.’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘I don't play online’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I don't play online’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It gives me experience in bidding and playing the cards.’


15 Mayıs 2022

Good, but crashes occasionally

Favori oyun modu: ‘Private Table, with 3 other friends’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Strong NT’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Play with friends not living nearby’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. Practice’


15 Mayıs 2022

It’s ok for playing hands but the robots do some weird things in the bidding as I play Acol and most other play 5 card majors.

Favori oyun modu: ‘I play practise hands’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘????’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘????’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It helps me to improve playing hands’


14 Mayıs 2022

I enjoy playing bridge in the app


14 Mayıs 2022

Love it


14 Mayıs 2022

Very good

Favori oyun modu: ‘Competitions’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Stayman gets you to right contract’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘No time for face to face. EBU member for 40 yrssometimes’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Sometimes’


13 Mayıs 2022

Good and easy application to play bridge

Favori oyun modu: ‘One player game daily tournaments’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Classical 5 major, french system, most commonly played’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To begin playing again without the time investment of going to a bridge club’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes with the tutorial mode and exercises’


13 Mayıs 2022

Its amazing


11 Mayıs 2022


Favori oyun modu: ‘Team’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Jacob, Blackwood’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Best choice but TOO EXPENSIVE!’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘YES. BIDDING.’


8 Mayıs 2022

A mixed bag. Generally O.K.,but cuts out too often during a game causing a loss of concentration whilst one rejoins the game. Plays a modified version of ACOL that sometimes leaves you unable to bid when you clearly aught to be doing so.

Favori oyun modu: ‘Standard ACOL.’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Strong 2 and Stayman.but note that the robot opponents play weak 2’s.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘The Channing of trying to move up the levels and the difficulty of playing face to Face given Covid.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Useful during Covid when unable to play face to face. Not sure whether it improves my game overall but does keep me active in the game.’


6 Mayıs 2022

Robot playing varies greatly. I have often wondered why. Yesterday, the bidding was at an extreme novice level, which I cannot stand. Other times, the computer is a competent partner. Why this variation? The game is inconsistent as though you are putting up well programmed and not so well programmed computers. I just bought more diamonds but I regret it because I am not going to use Funbridge and adjust my bidding to such a low level. I try it and if the bidding is good, I continue; if it is the way it was yesterday, I stop playing and use Bridge Baron, which has outstanding software. The elvolution of Funbridge software appears to be going backwards.

Favori oyun modu: ‘ACBL MP games- especially instant. Because so few people sign up for the tournaments, I no longer sign up for them. BBO charges $1.45 for an acbl, 12 board tourn. Funbridge charges 44 diamonds, which is quite expensive- especially since yoiu are quite likely to get a bad experience.’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘I stay away from conventions because I have found your descriptions of them do not always correspond with how they are played. For example, one description said a good, 7-card suit and when dummy came down it was 6 spot cards with robot insisting on his suit right up to the 5-level.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I have decided to curtail my playing.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It instills bad practices. It can only be for very low level players. It is far beneath BBO in quality of bidding. As I frequently say- I would dump a partner like that in a hurry.’


5 Mayıs 2022

Extremely Useful

Favori oyun modu: ‘Series tournaments’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Stayman and Transfers because they occur frequently’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I have been playing fo rmany years on funbridge because you don't need a partner. You can earn Masterpoints and you can play at any time you please.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It helps my concentration and is useful to evaluate the bidding after a tournament has been played. It is always interesting to see how other contracts scored and very exciting to score more than anyone else.’


2 Mayıs 2022

Good bridge programme with interesting hands

Favori oyun modu: ‘Playing against one opponent’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘I use custom conventions’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Not easy to play in person bridge these days’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Planning play of the hand’


2 Mayıs 2022

It is a very good way for two friends to stay in contact

Favori oyun modu: ‘Challenge another player’

Kullanılan deklarasyon sistemi: ‘Mostly 2/1; Stayman; Transfer’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Convenient; not expensive; way to stay in contact’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes; keeps my mind active’